The Financial Search Group is a specialty boutique search firm dedicated to identifying, recruiting, and onboarding accounting and finance professionals within the 60k to 150k salary range.

For the past nineteen years our partners have successfully served one and only one geographical region, Ontario’s Greater Toronto Area. This unrelenting focus on one region, salary range, and profession, has enabled us to continually build our expertise, process and professional network year after year.

Our boutique size and partner exclusive structure allows us to provide our clients with greater access to a larger candidate pool and has virtually eliminated inter-company rivalry and competition. As a result, our work ethic is based on close communication and cooperation which allows us focus
on our ultimate goal,

 ...finding the best possible candidates for our clients and the very best career opportunities for our candidates.

Our strength is proactive recruiting and onboarding superior quality candidates who have not been seeking opportunities through traditional or online methods.






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