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Qualified top performing candidates are our firm’s life-blood. At the Financial Search Group, our partners pride themselves as being personable, direct, and caring.

Your Goals, Priorities, Ambitions
We’ve spent years establishing value-added candidate relationships and are there to listen to your goals, priorities and ambitions. After listening, we give our professional, candid, and honest opinion on what we’ve heard and how we can help. We are there to advise where need be, enlighten when we can, and act as a career catalyst when the right opportunity presents itself. When we look out for your career needs, we also take care of ours.

Trust , Respect, Honesty, and Confidentiality

  • Our candidate expectations are a mirror image of ours.
  • We will treat all of our dealings with the strictest confidence. We will never present you to a client company without your expressed interest and we will never discuss your marketability or job search with anyone outside our firm unless you’ve authorized it. In return, we expect that you will not disclose any of our client or job search information with any other recruiters or agencies that you may be speaking with.
  • When it comes to career opportunities, we can all do without the suspense. We will keep you up to date and informed throughout the entire process. We will let you know as soon as we know. We will always return calls. We will always return emails.
  • Let us know if your situation changes and you have other things on the go. Personal or career wise, if you keep us up to date on any changes regarding unscheduled trips, vacations or other job interviews, this new information can often help us move things along in our process with you and our client.
  • All our referral contacts are kept in the strictest confidence. When you refer us a candidate, we will always keep your identity confidential unless you direct us otherwise.
  • Deal-breakers: By letting us know about any deal-breakers at the outset, (location, vacation, educational reimbursements, salary expectations, etc.) we will all save ourselves time and frustration. Nothing hurts the Candidate/Client/Recruiter relationship and process more than deal-breakers that just happen to pop up at the offer stage.


“I cannot thank you enough for your assistance through the entire hiring process.  I mentioned to Joe what a benefit it was helping you guide me through this process, as well as what a benefit it is from the Pepsi side having someone talk with a potential candidate to confirm and clarify feedback from Pepsi.  Joe mentioned that you had assisted them with a previous candidate, which you had also mentioned to me, and that the CFO was very impressed with you and the service you provided.”
Senior Financial Analyst - placed at Pepsico

"From the first time I met with Taryn to the post-placement activities, Taryn was always responsive to the questions I had, and always provided honest and useful advice.  Right from the get go, I felt Taryn took a genuine interest in my career goals, and was proactive in identifying opportunities relating to my areas of interest."
Risk Management Analyst - placed at RBC

“It was great working with you on this search, you will be top of my list if I have any future opportunities and will certainly recommend you to others.  Your professionalism is appreciated.”
- note from Director of Finance after placing a Manager of Financial Planning & Analysis -
Major Canadian Food Services Company


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