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$500 - $1,000 - $1,500 It’s more than just a "thank you".

Welcome to The FSG Referral Network
Our best source for outstanding candidates are professional accountants themselves. Those peers, superiors, and friends who work, or once worked with them, hired them, mentored them, and gave them outstanding reviews.


We believe in a win-win-win outcome. So when things turn out right, we like to do more than just say “thank you”. During the course of our daily business, we often contact various members of our network and inquire about who they know that may be qualified for a specific opportunity we are recruiting on. When we make such an inquiry, we will also state the Referral Fee Incentive amount which may be $500, $1,000 or $1,500. If we then place the referral candidate into the specified opportunity, the stated Referral Fee will be paid.

If your referral is not placed into the specific opportunity, we will still pay out a $500 Referral Fee if we place then into any other position within six months of your referral date. There is no limit on the number of Referral Fees you are entitled to earn.



“I cannot thank you enough for your assistance through the entire hiring process.  I mentioned to Joe what a benefit it was helping you guide me through this process, as well as what a benefit it is from the Pepsi side having someone talk with a potential candidate to confirm and clarify feedback from Pepsi.  Joe mentioned that you had assisted them with a previous candidate, which you had also mentioned to me, and that the CFO was very impressed with you and the service you provided.”
Senior Financial Analyst - placed at Pepsico

"From the first time I met with Taryn to the post-placement activities, Taryn was always responsive to the questions I had, and always provided honest and useful advice.  Right from the get go, I felt Taryn took a genuine interest in my career goals, and was proactive in identifying opportunities relating to my areas of interest."
Risk Management Analyst - placed at RBC

“It was great working with you on this search, you will be top of my list if I have any future opportunities and will certainly recommend you to others.  Your professionalism is appreciated.”
- note from Director of Finance after placing a Manager of Financial Planning & Analysis -
Major Canadian Food Services Company




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