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Terms & Conditions

  • The referral candidate must be someone not already listed in our database.
  • Referral fees of greater than $500 apply to specific client positions and only where we have requested a referral and stated the referral fee amount.
  • If the referral candidate is not placed in the specific position they were referred for, a referral fee of $500 will be paid if we place the candidate into any other position within 6 months of the referral date.
  • Referral fees for contract positions shall be prorated to reflect the contact term.
  • The referral candidate must remain in the job for the length of the guarantee period and not have resigned prior to the completion of the guarantee period.
  • The referral fee is payed out immediately after our client’s guarantee period expires and after full fee payment is received from the client.
  • The Financial Search Group must receive a fully completed Referral Fee Acceptance Form from all Individuals prior to all referral fee payments.


  • All terms and conditions regarding referral fee payments are subject to change without notice.





“I cannot thank you enough for your assistance through the entire hiring process.  I mentioned to Joe what a benefit it was helping you guide me through this process, as well as what a benefit it is from the Pepsi side having someone talk with a potential candidate to confirm and clarify feedback from Pepsi.  Joe mentioned that you had assisted them with a previous candidate, which you had also mentioned to me, and that the CFO was very impressed with you and the service you provided.”
Senior Financial Analyst - placed at Pepsico

"From the first time I met with Taryn to the post-placement activities, Taryn was always responsive to the questions I had, and always provided honest and useful advice.  Right from the get go, I felt Taryn took a genuine interest in my career goals, and was proactive in identifying opportunities relating to my areas of interest."
Risk Management Analyst - placed at RBC

“It was great working with you on this search, you will be top of my list if I have any future opportunities and will certainly recommend you to others.  Your professionalism is appreciated.”
- note from Director of Finance after placing a Manager of Financial Planning & Analysis -
Major Canadian Food Services Company


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